Session Border Controller

OrionTel Session Border Controller

The OrionTel Session Controller handles service assurance and calls admission for the OrionTel core. Call count control provides granular session management. The Session Controller also processes media streams. Software or optional hardware-based any to any codec conversion allows flexibility and efficient use of network infrastructure. Call detail records are also provided by this component to record session detail for use in billing.

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Admission control based on call counts

Prevents an influx of network by keeping excessive voice traffic off.

Static or Dynamic Routing

Helps route calls in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Pre, Mid and Post called number translation

Pre, Mid and Post called number translation to cater to many different types of customers.

Calling number screening and translation

Provides calling number screening and translation to secure the information of our customers.

Call admission and blocking

Filtering of undesired calls.

Comprehensive CDRs

Providing clear and extensive CDRs.

Topology hiding

Provide excellent confidentiality capabilities.

Far end NAT traversal

Through our incorporated NAT traversal function, traverse freely between IP address, also enhancing verification strength of clients through the ConnexCS Switch Capabilities.

Configurable separation of signalling and media

Option and ability to separate SIP signalling and media.

Distributed clustering architecture

Enables efficient data gathering with minimal energy needed.

Global and local Dial Plans

Ease of global and local call identification with seamless Digit Manipulation.

Service partitioning

Extends service reachability, as well as defending service theft through accurate traffic prioritisation.

Custom application triggers

Incorporated into the system for your ease of use.

SS7 & SIP Interworking and Brokering

Simplify interworking application servers - like never before.