OrionTel IP-PBX

OrionTel IP-PBX

The OrionTel PBX is a cloud-based multi-tenant IP-PBX system. It works great for any size enterprise, whether it is a small office or large corporation with many branch offices. The system can also be customized to build call centres, help desks, hospitality systems (for hotels), international dialling centres and more.

The system supports a wide variety of VOIP desk IP Phones and also works great with our SoftPhone solution for offering the latest in mobility on Apple and Android phones and tablets. If required, we could also customize API to interface with the CRM system.


Allow callers to be automatically transferred to a user's extension – no receptionist needed.


Allows current, accurate and multi-purpose online communications, with functionality of multi-sending to specific individuals in varying locations from 1 point.


Your team can pick up voicemail in emails, over PC speakers, or from any phone. Forward voicemails to colleagues in email. Professional or personalized greetings options.

Call Transfer

Warm Transfer of calls ensures positive customer experience, and staffs can quickly follow up on a necessary exchange.

Call Queuing for Call Centres

Virtual queuing system ensures that customers are prioritized and well cared for – ensuring they are satisfied with service quality. 

Call Centre

Our Call Centre incorporates: 

  • Call back function through virtual queueing technology allows for tracking of specific customers in the queue line. 
  • Alert System for customer’s waiting time – to ensure no customer is kept waiting too long.
  • Active monitoring of customer service – and reduce undesired variables by establishing further controls over calls.