OrionTel Softphone

OrionTel Softphone

Leveraging the latest Smartphone technology, SIP-based voice, video, text and multimedia messaging services on both iPhone and Android platforms, it is perfect for any enterprise using OrionTel’s IP-PBX solution. OrionTel also provides custom app development solutions for almost any idea on all major platforms.

Codec support

Providing the most suited and desired codec support for the establishment of calls.

NAT Traversal

With STUN/TURN/ICE procedure: 

  • STUN (Session Traversal Utilities for NAT) to receive an incoming connection from another party.
  • TURN (Traversal Using Relay around NAT) will relay media between both parties, should NAT/Firewall disrupt STUN.
  • ICE (Interactive Connectivity Establishment) providing alternatives for establishing connectivity (STUN&TURN).


OrionTel Softphone can be supported by a wide range of networks (3G/4G/WiFi).


Providing native/hybrid applications to meet all customers’ requirements.

Configurable Ionic

Configurable Ionic or React front/back end for easy customisation to fit many customers’ preferences.

Centralized provisioning

Centralized provisioning to allow customers to keep up with upgraded services by OrionTel Solutions.

WebRTC option

Allows for real-time media communication between browser and devices.

Cordova plugin

Cordova plugin allows seamless integration of SIP calling into already existing apps.